Get Ready to MU Origin 2

It seems like just yesterday the classical MU Origin made it to our mobiles, and here comes the sequel. MU Origin 2 is already out, and if you’re lucky to have it available in your country, that’s an RPG not to miss.

Justified Ancients of MU

MU Origin 2 game screen

Though it’s not the team some might think about, this MU is also a cult. With its history tracing back to 2001, Mu Online is still played in Korea and other countries. In 2016 the first MU Origin hit the mobile app markets and became a spectacular hit.

Those who discovered the world of RPG long after the game’s first launch may consider it just a spectacular grinder. With little twists and many repeats, strong automation and little skill involvement, this game seems to be made in such a  way that anyone equally succeeds in it. It’s an exaggeration, of course, and a player gets some special kicks from it, but it’s much more casual than RPGs of Western origins, and sometimes it looks more like an interactive cartoon.

Sixteen years ago is an ancient time for a modern game, but MU universe doesn’t need to be justified for clinging to the roots.

This Is What Mu Origin 2 Is All About

MU Origin 2 knife's before three

Since March 2019, MU Origin 2 has been available for testing, and since April, it’s officially released in Play Market and App Store. The Kingdom is in danger again, so choose your class out of the three available, take your weapons and go!
As the developers claim, it will be the triumphant return of the classical gameplay on a new level, made especially for mobile devices. The game looks great, which is no wonder, as its size is about 1.4 GB (and updates may increase it). Like all Oriental RPGs, this one is full of bright colors, fast actions, and fantastic demonic beasts to fight.

Maybe the most longed for of all innovations was the reviewed gameplay. No more grinding for more grinding; now your actions finally will make a bigger sense. Yes, there is still an autoplay option, but you’ll probably find it useful only when you’re stuck. The rest of the game is more fun to play manually. And when it comes to bosses, you’ll need to be smarter and less predictable than the AI, or your character will die too soon.

There are only three classes now: the Mage and the Swordsman are male, and the Archer is female, like in most RPGs. Any character can be upgraded by unlocking and upping certain skills or features. Upgrading may take some long grinding, or completing some quests that bring much more experience.

The controls are quite ordinary for a mobile 3D game: the invisible virtual joystick is in the left part of the screen, the right one is a camera turner, and your skills are stuck to buttons in the right side. The unusual part is that at any given moment only four of your abilities are seen; to see the rest, you’ll need to roll the virtual wheel in the lower right corner.

It’s a Hostile World

As for PvP (what attracts many players in MMOPRG as a class), there are various sorts of it. Player vs. Player is a solo fight, and Skirmish is mass combat, with players joined in teams. There is also a special sort of PvP named “Player Kill” that becomes available on special events. The modes may differ, from popular recently Battle Royale to solo and team fights. Of course, that’s the case you can’t rely on automation either.

There are also PvE modes and dungeon challenges. These are about personal survival in hostile environment, full of enemies. Stand it as long as you can, and you’ll be rewarded. And (we repeat it) make use of switching between autoplay and manual controls. But this switching is a special art too.