Meet Bitmoji Party: An Interactive Snapchat Game

Snapchat seems to be off its top, but it’s too early to count it off. With the introduction of Bitmoji, it restores its share of news and rumors (as well as home screens), and now it’s becoming a basis for an interactive game. Possibly Snapchat will be the board, and Bitmoji the pieces. Or what will it look like?

Bitmoji Game: What Could It Be About?

The guessing that it would be similar to chess or checkers turns out not so bizarre. These games will really be small and casual, the kind that goes as “mini-games” within a bigger one. This time Snapchat is the host, and these games are the treatment.
Why Bitmoji? Because this service is already affiliated with Snapchat, so its users already have their sets of bitmoji and can use them as avatars. And if any Snapchat talker hasn’t bothered creating one yet, well, it’s about time.

The games for the Bitmoji Party project are provided by third-party developers, including the famous Zynga. It seemed that after acquiring Prettygreat Snapchat should feel sure about game development: Prettygreat was founded by Luke Muscat, the famous creator of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. But a little outsourcing never killed nobody.

How to Play?

Bitmoji Logo game

If you’re one of those lucky ones who already received the update, you can find a rocket-like icon in your chat window, to the right of the message field. Tap it to enter the Bitmoji Party. You won’t have to use your camera if your set of Bitmoji has already been generated.

Games include Zombie Escape, where you escape the zombified one and then (after you’re infected) infect the others. Snake Squad is Snapchat’s version of There is even its own Battle Royale, named Tiny Royale. There are other games, and they will probably be as simple as Snappables, which were presented last year.

The developers Snap invited into the project are well known for their popular casual games, just like Snapchat needs. The key feature of all these games is the possibility to talk or send text messages while you’re playing; the chat field is always available as you’re playing.

Who’s to Play First

Bitmoji Party app logo

As Snapchat representatives said about a month ago, on April the 4th, the update will roll out gradually, covering more and more users. No wonder: it will require powerful remote infrastructure, and, as more users get access to it, the more scaling is to be done for the servers to handle all the games.

Even those who already have that rocket icon in the chat tab, can’t access all the games right now. First, you access just two of them: Zombie Escape and Snake Squad. Later other games will become available too, and no one will escape.

It’s okay if none of your friends wants to play right now; if the game has at least one open slot (out of eight possible), any stranger may join it. You don’t have to know each other at all. If you make contact while playing, you can add each other, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

Anyway, first of all, these games will attract Snapchat friends by enhancing the communication they already have. Now with your avatar sharing a lot with your real self.