Top 10 PC Games To Play This Year

The year 2019 was full of amazing games on numerous platforms, including Windows PC and Linux. There were new worlds, legendary characters, and outstanding revivals. Games developers provided us with new graphics and gameplay. We were exploring medieval Japan in Sekiro and learning how to use extraordinary powers in Control. The year was rich in game genres as well. First-person shooters, battle royales, and open-world adventures were on demand.

What’s Next?

2020 will bring lots of joy to PC gamers. While we have a wide range of iconic games that are coming on multiple platforms, there are also a number of games that will be available on PC only. BlizzCon 2019 revealed a variety of amazing PC projects, including new names and sequels to the popular games.

Some of the dates are still unknown, and some names may be revealed later in the year. But if you want to know which games to expect in the future, and which are already available for pre-order on Steam, follow this list. We gathered here 10 best games for the PC platform.

This list contains games of different genres. We gathered both sequels to already popular names and yet unknown but promising games. Some of them are from award-winning developers, familiar by their previous works. If you have more games to add to the list, share it in the comments below. These games are expected to be released for the PC platform.

Doom Eternal

Date of release: March 2020.

Doom Eternal game

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter with strong language, increased level of violence and wildness. Doom series was always a shock for your parents. Well, now it comes back to be a shocking revelation for you. The developer id Software does know how to attract the attention of the audience. The game was announced in 2018, and since that time, critics can’t wait to compare differences between this game and Doom 2016 version.

This is the 5th game in the series, and you are going down to Hell again, as a Doom Slayer. Those players who were lucky enough to play preview demos, noticed improved mechanics that make the game different from its 2016 predecessor. This time you will have a new ability to climb and reach distant platforms. Demons receive damage models for their body parts. You have to watch out for them.

There are several modes in this new Doom. There is a multiplayer with incredible Battle mode and elements of MOBA. But you can take part in a single-player campaign Invasion, and explore the map on your own. Go bold and rip those demons apart. Don’t forget to pre-order the game. It is already available in the official store.

Bleeding Edge

Date of release: March 2020.

Bleeding Edge game

This is a team game. It is a multiplayer crazy combat game from Ninja Theory. Despite the complete colorful chaos on your screen, this game has a well-thought structure inside. Each of twelve characters you and your friends can pick represents one of the classical powers: tank, assassin, and support. Everyone has unique abilities that may be used in combat.
This is a 4v4 combat that was already criticized for the map design but highly praised for melee attacks. If this is what you were looking for, Bleeding Edge is for you. You start with a great arsenal of weapons, deadly attacks, and super combos. Choose one of the characters. You will have to fight against another team. The gameplay looks really promising.

Half-Life: Alyx

Date of release: March 2020.

Half-Life: Alyx Game

Half-Life: Alyx is something new and extraordinary, even compared to other games in the Half-Life series. This is a VR shooter from first-person perspective made by Valve for Windows PC. Previous Half-Life game was released back in 2007.
The main character is Alyx Vance. The story will take place before Episode 2. Alyx and her father Eli have to stand against aliens. If you love mysteries, you will love this part of Half-Life.

One trailer that was released some time ago does not tell much. However, we may already assume there will be outstanding graphics, lots of great weapons, amazing maps. Everyone who has a SteamVR headset can play it.

Cyberpunk 2077

Date of release: April 2020.

Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077 game

Cyberpunk 2077 has everything we love inside it: great RPG from CD Projekt Red, REDengine 4, and Keanu Reeves. Developers, famous for The Witcher 3 have high hopes on this new game in Cyberpunk series. While there is a mystery about many features of the upcoming game, we already have some bits of information. We may compare it with Thief and Deus Ex, in their best RPG sides.

Lately, game developers revealed that based on the character you choose, you can develop numerous abilities and change the story. You will be in charge of the events that will happen next. Still, the story will be complete and smooth.
Keanu Reeves will be turned into Johnny Silverhand, a digital ghost, the character who exists in other characters’ heads. And while it is be there, don’t expect that it will always be supportive. Interested? You can already pre-order it on Steam.

Trials of Mana

Date of release: April 2020.

Trials of Mana game

This is a highly anticipated remake of classic Trials of Mana 1995 RPG. While many of us still feel the pain of never receiving the third part of the Mana series, our beloved characters are back. Square Enix developers have finally come up with great news.
Trials of Mana will bring to us the same RPG from a third-person perspective. There will be steamy battles and numerous adventures. Graphics were significantly improved and resurrected in 3D format. There will be new scenes with the main characters and more dialogues. However, the plot will stay the same.

Wasteland 3

Date of release: May 2020.

Wasteland 3 game

Here is another amazing RPG. The game was made by inXile Entertainment. It is an official sequel to Wasteland 2 and part of the Wasteland series. You will go back to the post-apocalyptic world, to the tough nuclear winter in Colorado.

Back in 2014, Wasteland 2 received positive reviews of the critics and an army of fans. Now, developers want to repeat the success with Wasteland 3. There will be advanced changes in the turn-based systems from the previous games and incredible landscapes of Colorado in snow.

The dialogues in the game will be improved, as well as general mechanics. The trailer provides us with dark humor and wild fantasy of developers. We have to find out on our own how the humor matches with a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers. The game is available for pre-order in Steam.

Dying Light 2

Date of release: 2020.

Dying Light 2 game

Dying Light 2 is a greatly made survival horror RPG. It was produced by Techland. The exact date of its release is still unknown. The game is part of the Dying Light series. So, you will go back to zombie apocalyptic world. Dying Light 2 will stick to key elements of the original game.

The melee combat and game mechanics, in general, were already praised by critics. The map is promised to be way bigger this time. The narrative will slightly change. You will be in charge of the outcome of the story. Like it or not, but you have to calculate your further actions. The game provides you with more responsibilities. You will have to be careful with everything you do, as there will be consequences. You will be in charge of the whole world. The date will be revealed in the upcoming future, but you already can pre-order the game on Steam.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Date of Release: 2020.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game

While we still don’t know the exact date of the game’s release, we expect something epic and huge. Now you have a chance not only to meet your favorite characters but to dive into the history of Skywalker. You may travel via the Star Wars story in the right time order.

This is not the first Lego Star Wars game. However, gamers can’t wait to play it. The timing is perfect with the Rise of Skywalker drama released in December, and the development of Skywalker's story once again. The Skywalker Saga is an open-world game with all the episodes gathered. You can choose a specific period of time or explore them all. While Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, released in 2007, has almost the same purpose, it was made before all these Disney adaptations and new stories. Star Wars universe has significantly changed during this period of time.

Unlike The Complete Saga, Skywalker Saga offers a unique open-world map and new stories. You may place them in a different order and change history. Every Star Wars movie in the game will have its own separate world and number of planets open for exploration. It sounds great, it will look great, and we can’t wait to enter the game and feel the Star Wars atmosphere back again.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Date of release: 2020.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 game

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 welcomes you to Seattle of the 21st century, Seattle where vampires prosper and fight for the territory. This is the first-person RPG developed by Hardsuit Labs. The game is part of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines series. It is based on Vampire: The Masquerade popular table-top game.

Its prequel received positive reviews back in 2004, and now Hardsuit Labs want to improve the story and lead it to success. Freedom of choice was something unusual for similar games back then. However, it was a huge surprise when developers announced they wanted to bring Bloodlines back.

While in 2004 game was developed by Troika Games, the new game was taken by Hardsuit Labs. Their main goal is to create an RPG with modern vampires, colorful realistic graphics and great mechanics. Vampire clans fight against each other, using humans as their shields, baits, and food. The main character is one unlucky guy who was turned into a vampire during this war of vampires. You have to survive in a hostile world, reveal your skills, and probably find allies. The date of release is not revealed. But pre-order is already opened for all vampire fans.

Baldur’s Gate III

Date of release: 2020.

Baldur's Gate 3 game

Welcome back to the medieval world. It looks so real, sometimes you just want to look away. This RPG made by Larian Studios will be released somewhere in 2020 on the Microsoft Windows platform. Based on Dungeons and Dragons table-top classic game, it is the third game in Baldur’s Gate RPG series.

Developers promise to include multiplayer co-op and single-player campaign modes there. Players who prefer to act alone will be able to create a character and form an alliance with computer-generated characters to take part in numerous quests and campaigns. Those players who want to make alliances with other players will be able to do it staying online.

Larian Studios and its head Swen Vincke confirmed that the game would be epic, and based on recent D&D edition. There will be numerous elements from the Forgotten Realms. However, don’t make a mistake: this game is a separate story. The new narrative is something worth waiting for, according to developers. There will be much-awaited freedom of choice and change of narrative. Basically, their main achievement, according to Vincke, is the world exploration together with the character’s story. The pre-order is already opened on Steam.

Which Game to Choose?

The majority of the games we put on the list are RPG mixed with various genres. They all will be released for Windows PC. Some of them have an exact date of release, others still don’t, which means they will come later in next year. If you asked us, we’d confess that we wait for almost all of these games, and already pre-ordered them on Steam. While we are eager to play all games here, some of us prefer Vampire and gothic atmosphere, while others love good narrative as in Cyperpunk 2077 or Trials of Mana. But if you are a fan of D&D, wait for Baldur’s Gate III. There is a great variety of visuals. You may pick the brightest game, the most realistic, the most fantasy-like, or just scary. It is up to you.

The point is, you don’t actually have to choose everything and play all these games. There are gaps between their releases, so you could actually enjoy each of them separately. And don’t rush. These games will still be available in 2020, 2021 and probably even 2025. Name the game you wait for the most. Explain why you want to play it.