Fortnite is a Battle Royale action game with extra modes that are now getting just as popular. Fight to defeat the enemies; fortify to protect yourself! You can download Fortnite for PS4 or Xbox, Android or iOS, OS X or Windows, with equal pleasure.

Battle Royale and More

Basically, in Fortnite, you need to stay alive after everyone else is dead. 100 players deploy on the island and start hunting each other immediately. Weapons and ammunition, armor and medicals can be found right on spots. You cannot take anything there or from there.

To protect yourself or get a better attacking position, you can build fortifications (hence the name). Metal, stone and wood can be extracted from objects around. There are also vehicles you can find to move around. And you’ll need it: as the storm comes, everybody will have to get to its eye to survive.

You can play in solo mode, in Duo, or in a team of four players. In fact, you don’t have to win solely to be rewarded: just holding on long enough is a reason to celebrate. And you can dance one of these dances that make the game iconic.

As for visuals, the game may lack details, but it offers a large island with various terrains and a bright picture. You can switch between first- and third-person views. The console version is considered the best looking, but even a mobile one looks decent. It also utilizes all possible methods of input – touch controls, keyboard and mouse, or a gamepad.

Last but not least: it constantly holds seasons that introduce innovations. If you leave Fortnite for six months, the game you return to will be completely different. And money can’t buy you victory (though it can buy new looks and Battle Pass to new quests).

There Is More to Fortnite

It’s not common knowledge now, but the original Fortnite had no Battle Royale mode. Postponed after the huge success of Fortnite as we know it, its original mode was released only in summer 2020. Now you can enjoy Save the World, the original tactical game where players cooperate against a zombie wave.

It also has a Creative mode where players can assemble their own maps of custom elements, something between Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. This mode even lets creators launch their own Fortnite-based mini-games. Though these modes aren’t nearly as popular as Battle Royale (and not free), they also attract many fans.

Finally, Fortnite is a nonstop cultural event. It becomes a place for movie premieres, a spot for DJ sets, and a reason to conduct real-life festivals for millions of visitors. Fortnite is constantly updating and reacting to the world’s trends, and sometimes shaping them.

Do we recommend Fortnite?

If you’re a fan, you’re already in. If you just want an action-packed, fast-paced game that takes just 10 minutes a round and doesn’t require superpowerful hardware, it makes sense to install Fortnite and give it a try.


  • Free to play in Battle Royale mode
  • No advantage to donators
  • Great visuals and imaginative world
  • All sorts of inputs supported
  • The cultural impact of the game is huge


  • Too casual for serious action games
  • Battle Royale is getting people tired
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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  • this is actually the best game ever
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  • i love this game and i just love it i would spend all my money in it
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  • its ver coll
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  • hate it its a game that makes you mad all the time when you get killed and Harry you will get mad all the time when you get it so don't and some men sit on they buts and play and have a sad life and get mad all the time so don"t play it >:(
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  • I have always wanted fortnight because I seen people play i played for a minute and it was so so so so fun
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    • don"t play it
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