Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash Lite is a free version of Geometry Dash available on both Google Android and iOS devices. It provides thirteen levels and has limited functionality when compared to the full version. The complexity of the levels ranges from easy to insane.

Graphics/Sound 4/5

Geometry Dash Lite has impressive graphics. Just like with its full version, the game has very bright colors which give an appealing appearance. 2D graphics have been used to cause a positive visual interest for a player. Just like the name suggests, the objects in the game are geometric. They take shapes such as squares, circles, and straight lines. Varying sizes of the objects have been used to signify the contrast. Notably, this app has a very outstanding soundtrack which makes the experience fun.

Interface and Controls 4/5

This iOS and Android app has an excellent and convenient interface. It is very interactive in the sense that a user is actively involved. You can customize your character by using various functionalities provided. Additionally, you can track your scores which are recorded on the counter on the screen. Once you start playing, you can predict the outcomes of your actions without fail. Additionally, even as a beginner, navigating through the app is very straightforward.

This game also allows for the smooth execution of controls. You can make the character jump so as not to collide with the obstacle. The UI is highly responsive. Clicking a button and executing a command happens instantly. The interface and controls suit the genre of this game.

Gameplay 3.9/5

Unlike its full version, this game can be downloaded for free. However, its functionality and experience are limited. For instance, it only contains 13 levels. It also lacks an online editor. Geometry Dash Lite does not have in-app purchases. After exhausting the levels, you need to update to the full and latest version for enhanced experience and gameplay. Geometry Dash Lite has high replay value. However, it can become complicated since if you make a mistake, you have to restart the level from the very beginning. Replaying is interesting primarily because you master the art of the game and earn high scores.


In my opinion, Geometry Dash Lite is a leading app in its genre. It allows you to have fun as well as become more creative. Progression from one level to another is made possible by the fantastic graphics, background music and a user interface that promotes usability. Even though the functionality, collectibles, icons and tools are limited, it allows you to sample the full version.

Therefore, if you get experienced enough in Geometry Dash Lite, playing its full version will be quite straightforward. This app is suitable for people who like challenging games. As you progress, complexity increases and the rules of the game become more stringent. For fun and exciting challenges, download the App Store or Google Play app for Geometry Dash Lite.


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