Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game with a rich puzzle element. You play as a five-year-old boy who enters the neighbor’s house to investigate the secrets he hides in the basement. It turns out to be a fantastic trip in and out again. Hello Neighbor is one of the most influential games of 2010s due to its mysterious aura and strange logic.

The Story of a Boy and a Neighbor

So, you’re a five-year-old boy, and you suddenly look to your neighbor’s house. And you see that terrifying man with a strange mustache hiding something (or somebody?) in his basement. The boy decided to enter the neighbor’s house and reach the basement to see what’s there.

The trip turns into a hide-and-seek game. The neighbor is walking around, ready to catch the trespasser any minute. He sets traps and locks entrances, so you have to find other ways. The most challenging part of it, though, is puzzles. You need to get all your imagination together to see how to get to the next door. Puzzles are very hard to solve unless you accept their logic as something completely unearthly. That’s the reason to either love or hate the game.

Hello Neighbor consists of three acts, and until the very end (or even after it) you won’t know whether it’s reality or fantasy. The game was popular enough to spawn a prequel and a multiplayer spinoff. But they don’t deliver that dualistic feeling that the origin is famous for. If you like playing with reality and perception, this game where the child and the maniac read each other will impress you. Despite some bugs that made it to the release version, it’s playable (if you’re ready to switch to YouTube more often than you expect to).

Hello Neighbor as a Modern Myth

As the story unfolds, it grows lots of details that can be attributed either to the child’s imagination or to the maniac’s vision. Puzzles involve fantastic elements like trees growing fast through the floor, a railroad in the underground section of the house, or a fridge that the neighbor uses to keep a wrench in. The logic is so twisted that it cannot be embraced by a single player’s mind.

That’s when the community enters – to the rescue. YouTube is full of videos showing how to solve this or that puzzle. Boards and groups on social media boil with discussions. The gamers even form their own lore (not directed by the developers) about the background of the characters or rationalize the surrealism of the story. By the way, isn’t the Neighbor’s appearance a subtle reference to Salvador Dali? If so, the game is intended not to be judged by regular reasoning.

Do we recommend Hello Neighbor?

If you like games that broaden your mind and challenge your thinking, Hello Neighbor is just the right sort. It will make you think outside of the house. But as you value your reason, keep away from this basement.



  • Iconic visuals
  • Hard puzzles involving nontrivial logic
  • Rich lore around the game (and other games of the series)
  • Easy controls
  • Available for consoles, mobiles and desktop platforms


  • The logic sometimes gets too sick
  • The game still has some bugs
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