Minecraft is a sandbox game where you have to survive in a hostile environment or reshape your entire environment brick by brick. Its unique cubic visuals have become iconic, and the freedom it offers is beyond any comparison. Download Minecraft for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, PS4, or Xbox One, and start creating your own world!

All About Construction

In the survival mode, Minecraft starts a story in a strange land where you’re left alone. You can get yourself some wood and stone with your bare hands to craft the first primitive axe and start producing more. Walk around the place to gather more resources, make yourself better tools… and some weapons.

The night is dark and full of terrors in Minecraft: if you don’t build at least a hut, you’ll be exposed to predators lurking around. So you are expected to make it a more livable place – or die and start again, and end up building an entire civilization.

Along with solo mode, there are cooperative games. You can participate in a group of survivors that does all these jobs together and so proceeds faster. But, except for attack episodes, the game is very slow-paced. In it, you spend most of your time exploring and crafting. Some resources are common, some rare, and it may take a lot of exploration to find a certain ore or animal species.

A World Built of Cubes

The visual style of Minecraft was meant to reduce its system requirements. Soon, though, this cubic vision has become recognizable, and this was the thing about the game. None of the followers got as successful, despite more detailed visuals.
The most attractive thing about Minecraft, though, is its creative mode. Not limited in resources and time, free to collaborate, you can recreate locations from real life or your favorite movies. Students rebuild their university campuses to have a familiar place to communicate with fellows. The Game of Thrones fans rebuilt the King’s Landing or The Wall. After the sad events of 2019, Minecraft version of Notre-Dame de Paris became an obsession.

Its immersion remains: it’s still a first-person game requiring you to move around and carry blocks where they belong. The building process may involve even interfering with the bedrock. When the work is done, you can upload your masterpiece and let everyone visit it.

Now Minecraft has spawned a spinoff, including AR-powered Minecraft Earth, where you can build on a real location. But the original game keeps getting updates and support, remaining one of the games that shape the industry until now.

Do we recommend Minecraft?

It’s 2020, and Minecraft has been around since 2009. But LEGO has been here since 1932, and it’s still playable. We aren’t the first to compare the two, as it’s an obvious thing to do. Nevertheless, if you like creating and building in videogames more than killing and destroying, Minecraft is the one for you.



  • Unlimited creative freedom
  • Unique visual style
  • Supported on most existing platforms
  • A great platform for collaboration
  • Enhances your creativity and spatial imagination


  • The visuals are too specific for everyone’s liking
  • You might have got tired of it
Graphics and Sound
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