Streamlabs - Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube

Streamlabs: Stream Live is an advanced streaming service for individual or team broadcasting from mobile devices. It provides you with quick streaming access to Twitch, YouTube, Dailymotion, Hitbox, and others. You can download Streamlabs: Stream Live for your iOS or Android devices.

Functionality – 5/5

Streamlabs: Stream Live app is a universal streaming mediator and controller. You can apply it to stream live to any popular streaming service, using your cameras, built-in microphone, and screen capture. If you stream from your computer, use Streamlabs: Stream Live to monitor stream alerts or adjust the essential hotkeys. The app supports donating services and cross-platform communication.

Design – 5/5

Streamlabs: Stream Live latest version has a professional-looking dark design. The app is designed only for landscape 16:9 streaming, so you have to hold your phone horizontally. The main menu provides quick access to all features through tiles. There are also multiple directories with advanced settings of every module. All of them include short descriptions, so it’s rather simple to figure things out. You can customize your streaming layout as well, using resizable widgets.

Usability – 5/5

Streamlabs: Stream Live Android and iOS app provide the same list of features. It allows you to start streaming onto your favourite platform in a couple of minutes. No matter which platform you use, all proprietary chatting features are available, so that you could get instant feedback from your viewers and answer back. You can enable the app to inform you about donations and subscriptions in real time.

It’s a great opportunity to praise your fans immediately and engage them to be more active. Other widgets include alert box, event list, tip jar, donation goal scale, chatbox, and donation ticker. Streamlabs: Stream Live supports all kinds of mobile games and applications, so you can not only stream gameplay, but conduct tutorials, and real-time reviews too.

Cross-platform Use – 5/5

You can install Streamlabs: Stream Live on iOS 10.0+ and Android 6.0+ devices. No matter how many devices you have, you are free to log into your accounts on each of them simultaneously. If you use this service on your computer then you can turn the mobile device into a streaming controller with settings and controls.

In-app Purchases

Streamlabs: Stream Live free app provides the full functionary. You don’t have to purchase any additional modules to take the maximum. If your particular streaming service requires a subscription, you have to pay it somewhere out of the app.


Testing and comparisons for this Streamlabs: Stream Live review showed that this app is a robust cross-platform streaming solution. It allows you to broadcast to your audience no matter what devices and receiving apps they use.

The Bottom Line

Download Streamlabs: Stream Live to have a 24/7 opportunity to start airing wherever you go.



  • Simple streaming set up
  • Controller mode for computer streaming
  • Quality screen sharing
  • Convenient widgets
  • Many settings


  • Some features may be unclear for newcomers
  • Hard to advertise within the service

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Streamlabs - Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube Streamlabs - Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube

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