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Toca Life: After School is a child-friendly 2D adventure sandbox game with several modes. You can have fun playing sports with friends, relax in the lounge zone, create fabulous video clips, and more. To download Toca Life: After School, visit App Store for iOS and Play Market for Android.

Graphics – 5/5

Toca Life: After School game has bright 2D vector visuals, which look perfectly smooth on both smartphone and tablet screens. All locations and characters are highly detailed and memorable. There’s not much character animation, but the freedom of movement justifies it. You have to move schoolers to make them do something, so they have only slight facial and body animation.

Gameplay – 5/5

Toca Life: After School gameplay is a cartoony simulation of average afterschool chores of kids. Here you can choose and visit sports sections, such as ice hockey, skating, dance studio, basketball, football. After that, you can go to the disco, play music with your friends, or go and express yourself in art classes or paint graffiti on the rooftops. Each location includes role-playing elements and interactions with 27 characters. You can work and play together, show off, and discuss things. Complete objectives to achieve various bonuses like graffiti pets, exclusive skateboards, secret characters, and more. 

There’s an opportunity to capture your favourite moments with the in-game recording feature. It allows you to make 2-minute videos of your play and comment on them, or narrate a story. When the work is done, feel free to save clips and share them anywhere you want.

Controls – 5/5

Toca Life: After School latest version has balanced touchscreen controls. You have to use your fingers to select characters and drag them to perform actions. Many actions are automated so that you could just put a unit near the object to make them interact. For example, when you give someone a pipe, he/she grabs it automatically.

Replay Value – 5/5

Toca Life: After School full game offers a variety of things to do. Customize your characters, and think of new scenarios to play. This game provides freedom for imagination. We asked 5 kids’ to review Toca Life: After School, and they all highlighted that the game lets them do anything they want and initiate any scenario.


Toca Life: After School sandbox game is entertaining and straightforward. The freedom of action and toy-like characters make it suitable for young schoolchildren. It’s not only fun but good for children imagination too. The Toca series includes many more educational and amusing games with the same gameplay mechanics, so you can expand your Toca Universe dramatically.

The Bottom Line

Download Toca Life: After School to have fun doing different activities, and share your cool moments with friends.


  • Multiple interactive characters
  • Free appearance customization
  • In-game video recording studio
  • Many solo and team tasks


  • No multiplayer mode
  • Not enough character animations
Graphics and Sound
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Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world

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