YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos

YouTube Music is a specialized app from Google for those who prefer to listen to music via YouTube. Now you have the opportunity to closely follow your favorite artists' work, watch popular videos, and discover new tracks.

YouTube Music Interface (4/5)

The app interface completely copies the design of YouTube. The Home page displays personalized recommendations and mix selections tailored to your musical taste. The Trending section contains new and popular videos. And in the Library, you will find all the saved content.

Main Features (5/5)

The name of the app speaks for itself. Here you can listen to music, watch videos of your favorite artists, and discover new bands. The first time you launch the YouTube Music app, you will be asked to pick interesting artists. For generating recommendations, the system takes into account the actions on your device (including videos watched on YouTube), the history of tracks listened to, the time of day, and the user's current location.

The Library contains all the saved playlists, liked videos, music, and artists. You can adjust the required amount of saved offline mix (up to 100 songs). This mix will include the tracks that you listen to most often, which means that its composition can change over time without your direct participation.

One of the main features of YouTube Music is its smart AI search. The function greatly simplifies searching for unknown songs, finding them not only by the exact title but also by lyric parts or short descriptions.

YouTube Music Usability (5/5)

The app is quite simple and intuitive; it has convenient pages and functions. Of course, a Premium account gives you more options, particularly background mode, and disabling annoying ads.

Supported Devices (5/5)

YouTube Music is available for Android smartphones and tablets running 4.4+ and iOS devices running 11.0 and later. There is also a browser version, which functionally completely copies the app for smartphones. Its interface is optimized for large screens.

Summing Up

YouTube Music is an excellent app for those who can't live without music and want to discover new tracks and artists every day. True, with the free version, you need to be prepared for ads and basic functionality.


  • Simple interface
  • AI search
  • There are remixes, covers, and recordings of live performances
  • You can get a family plan.


  • Sometimes non-musical content get into recommendations
  • You need a premium account to disable ads.

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